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2022 Nucor ESG Report


Nucor's annual ESG Report is available now - click here to read it.


Here's an excerpt from our CEO:


"Our ESG focus goes beyond environmental performance. Safety is Nucor's most important cultural value. Our 31,000 teammates continue to demonstrate their commitment to our goal of becoming the World's Safest Steel Company. In 2022, our team set a record low injury and illness rate for the fourth consecutive year. Twenty Nucor divisions went the entire year without a recordable injury, up from sixteen in 2021.


Our company has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. We are dedicated to building a more diverse and capable workforce as we grow. Inclusion and a sense of belonging are essential to our team-oriented culture which is based on trust and open communication.


I am inspired by the work our 31,000 teammates do every year to advance our sustainability goals. In this report, we share more details about these intiatives and the stories of how our teammates are putting our commitments into action.



Leon J. Topalian

Chair, President & Chief Executive Officer"





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