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Cold Drawn Products


For more than 50 years, Laurel Steel has led the industry in supplying cold drawn steel. As one of the first cold-finishers in North America to receive ISO 9001:2015 & IAFT 16949 registration, our commitment to quality is unmatched.


Laurel Steel's free-machined cold finished steel bar products are known for their unsurpassed quality. Consistent straightness, quality and size integrity are hallmarks of Laurel's Cold Drawn products.



Cutter's Choice


Cutter's Choice - Laurel Steel

Laurel Steel's Cutter's Choice raises the standard in cold-finished steel bar superiority. Drawn from hand selected and consistent suppliers, the source steel has been melted and poured only via the Basic Oxygen Furnace and Continuous Cast Process.


Cutter's Choice free-machining steel bar maximizes productivity and achieves consistently superior finished results for manufacturers of precision-machined parts.

Discover why Cutter's Choice is setting the new industry standard as the definitive choice for cold-drawn bar.


The Benefits of Cutter's Choice

  • Superior Steel Sourcing
  • Surface and Size Integrity
  • Mechanical Reliability
  • Exceptional Straightness
  • Deburring of Both Ends
  • Guaranteed Delivery

Customers appreciate Cutter's Choice quality and consistency.


To receive an innovative Cutter's Choice package, email us, or call 1-800-265-6811.



Miner's Choice


Miner's Choice - Laurel SteelWhat Makes it the Miner's Choice?



As one of the first screen producers in North America to achieve this international stamp of approval, we are the recognized industry leader.



Continuous monitoring of our elite approved suppliers ensures hot rolled rod that meets Laurel's stringent chemical and physical requirements.



Precise controls guarantee weld strength. Exceptional flush cutting ensures safe handling. Our quality and engineering teams work hard to maintain Miner's Choice premium standards.

SIZE ACCURACY. Absolute dimensional accuracy with 2" through 12" spacing. Wire sizes from .135 through .375. Maximum 8' width, available in sheet or roll form.



We deliver to the location you want - on the day you want it.



Industrial Applications 

Laurel Steel's quality Cutter's Choice and Miner's Choice products are specifically designed and produced to perform under exacting standards in a variety of industrial applications.


Laurel manufactures a complete line of cold-finished steel bar products that are low carbon, precision drawn and intended for a variety of applications including the automotive industry.


From 1/8" to 3" round, hex and square, Laurel's products are the preferred choice of the Screw Machine industry for a host of different automotive and hydraulic applications.


Industry leaders prefer Laurel Steel's products for their consistency and high quality. Consistent drafting practices and restrictive chemistry ranges result in minimum variation of mechanical properties - promoting consistent machinability. Exceptional straightness is guaranteed to half A.I.S.I standard tolerances.



Production Process  


Laurel Steel's 350,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Burlington, Ontario, Canada enables efficient and effective production of high quality cold-finished steel bar and cold-drawn steel wire products.


Although the company maintains a quantity of finished inventory, manufacturing is based on a pull system. Production is always moving to meet customer's needs. With the shortest manufacturing lead times in the industry, Laurel Steel has developed a streamlined production process.


This process includes the world's largest KASTO Unicompact Storage System, which improves efficiency and manufacturing capacity, and also ensures quality. The automated racking system allows Laurel to identify, retrieve and ship product quickly, cutting down order fulfillment times.


The KASTO system also includes double heaters and controlled humidity systems, that eliminate condensation on steel that is being stored and reducing the chance of corrosion.



Cold-Drawn Wire Product Overview


For more than 50 years, Laurel Steel has led the industry in supplying cold drawn steel. As the first cold-finishers in North America to receive ISO 9001:2015 registration, our commitment to quality is unmatched.


Laurel Steel's plated quality line of wire products is known for their unsurpassed quality. A wide array of wire products is intended for storage rack applications in hospitals, bakeries, appliances and furniture. Laurel's high quality line of welded mesh products, used for concrete support, concrete pipe and to support inner cavities in mining applications are also preferred by industry world-wide.



Glossary from A-Z

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