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Our Quality Policy is to have the Customer return not the Product.


As a manufacturer of Cold Finish Bar, Wire & Mesh, we are committed to meeting our customer's requirements and continually improving our Quality Management System.

The Quality Policy is reviewed each year for continuing suitability.

The Quality Policy and the importance of quality to the success of Laurel Steel is communicated to all employees through regular meetings and postings.

Annual improvement objectives are established and monitored and reviewed throughout the year.

Roles and responsibilities for quality are clearly defined. 





The successful management of our health and safety policies, programs and procedures for all employees is our first priority for all managers and supervisors.  This occupational Health and Safety Policy applies to all of the operations and activities of Laurel Steel.  The maintenance of safe working conditions and the successful management of our health and safety policies, programs and procedures for all employees, are of the utmost importance to Harris Steel Group and Laurel Steel.


It is our responsibility to ensure we provide a healthy and safe work environment for all employees.  This shall be accomplished by complete compliance with all Occupational Health and Safety laws, including Regulations and Standards.  We will meet this objective by carefully executing our work following eight key injury and illness prevention principles:


  1. Responsibility - Top Down Program

  2. Compliance & Accountability - Stop unsafe acts

  3. Communication – Encourage Communication on Safety Aspects of Performance of Tasks and Reporting of Concerns

  4. Hazard Assessment - Find the Hazards on an ongoing basis

  5. Hazard Correction - Fix the Hazards

  6. Training – Train all Managers, Supervisors and Employees to perform work safely and recognize and respond to Hazards

  7. Accident/Near miss Investigations - Prevent Recurrence           

  8. Recordkeeping - Keep Records

Each employee will be responsible for following safe work procedures and policies established by management and joint health and safety committee recommendations and will be held accountable to meet these individual requirements.  Each manager and supervisor will be held accountable for their actions and responsibilities for employees under their supervision. 


Harris Steel Group and Laurel Steel will ensure that supervisors and all levels of management are held accountable and that all employees work in compliance with established safe work practices and procedures and that discipline for failures in accountability occurs.


The success of our Health and Safety Program will depend on the dedication, participation and personal connection to safety excellence by all managers, supervisors and employees.  Together we can and must achieve the safest possible environment for everyone.




 At Laurel Steel we are committed to the protection of the environment. We believe this is an important principle if we are to be successful as individuals and as a company. This policy statement is intended to outline the measures we will take to meet our commitment to the Environment.


Recognize the potential for environmental impact on our community.  We will continually strive to minimize these impacts by taking proactive steps to prevent pollution, and where feasible adopt sustainable use of resources and taking steps to limit the impact of or adapt to Climate Change.


Commit to comply with or exceed applicable laws and regulations, standards, codes and by-laws for the Environment in order to fulfil its compliance obligations.  When appropriate, we will develop standards of our own, which may go beyond minimum legal requirements.


Commit to the principles of employee involvement, consultation and accountability at all levels of the organization.


Make Environmental considerations a priority in our business plans, work practices, operations, and new developments. The Environment is a company wide responsibility. As such, it is the responsibility of the Management Team to make the Environment an important priority and commit the necessary resources to achieve our objectives. Employees and contractors at all levels are expected to carry out their responsibilities and cooperate towards success in these efforts.


Promote communications amongst employees, those working on behalf of Laurel Steel and the public, in order to integrate the environment throughout the organization.


Develop ongoing training and awareness programs to ensure employees and contractors understand their roles and responsibilities, in sustaining good environmental practices.


Review our actual performance against established Environmental objectives and targets by using internal audits to verify our commitment to best practices and continual improvement.





Toxic Reduction Act Public Annual Report 


Certificate of Registration - IATF 16949:2016


Certificate of Registration - ISO 9001:2015


Certificate of Registration - ISO 14001-2015


Safety Data Sheet - Cold Finish Steel Bar and Wire Products


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